Our services

deufrance delivers everywhere in France and Germany

DEUFRANCE delivers everywhere in France and Germany. We have contracting companies / correspondents in all large German and French cities. Annually we handle over 12,000 complete loads for transport to and from France. When there is under capacity, we use additional, long-standing partner forwarders from Germany and France.

Our services at a glance:

  • International lorry transportation (France, Benelux)
  • Daily freight and private transportation to all target locations in Germany
  • Transportation of exhibition/trade fair items
  • Express delivery and special transport
  • Logistics consultation
  • Development of new logistics concepts
  • Individual processing of your orders
  • Quick and punctual dispatch
  • Short mileage
  • Reliable, modern fleets from our contracting companies
  • Modern warehousing (night unloading)
  • Packaging / insurance

Transportation to and from France

We load approx. 80 to 90 complete loads daily from all over Germany to all French

... daily to all Départements

Day and night, we have over 90 contract lorries en route for our customers.

We transport complete loads from all over Germany to everywhere in France.
We load approx. 50 to 60 complete loads daily from all over Germany to all French Départements and back again.

You can depend on our highly qualified employees. Innovative, practice-oriented and experienced in foreign languages, our team solves your transportation jobs- upon request »just in time«.

Our permanent investment in the qualification of our employees, the expansion of the EDP and further development of logistical concepts ensures our customers of a professional distribution and transportation logistics now and in the future.

When will your test our economical freight rates and our reliability?

Specialised transport

deufrance Specialised transport ... strong in specifics

The following count as some of our strongest-selling areas:

  • Beverage logistics
  • Steel transport
  • Delivery to the wood and chipboard industries
  • Food imports (tinned food, wine, Champagne and pastry)
  • Supply to the automobile industry (spare parts and new parts)
  • Exhibition and trade fair transport (e.g., Paris and Geneva)
  • Humus, peat and fertiliser transport
  • Paper logistics (waste paper, new paper, recycled paper)

We deliver beer, fruit juices and mineral water »just in time« to the large French supermarket chains daily.
For many years we have driven for large steel concerns from all over Germany to everywhere in France.
Specialised logistical requirements in the wood and chipboard industries are one of our main areas in transportation jobs.